Horse Cattle and Pavilion Entries close of entries - 2017

CLOSING DATE OF ENTRIES WAS YESTERDAY, 20 December 2016,  FOR HORSES, CATTLE AND PAVILION exhibits  but seeing as Australia post is not what it used to be, we will be accepting those pre-show entries for a while longer at the normal rate.  

Please consider emailing your completed entry forms to us at and Direct Debit your entry fees to

Wonthaggi & District Show Society
BSB 633 108
account number 112 638 846  - quote your name in the direct debit description field  and then please email payment advice to the show  so we know who has paid us.

Horses and cattle can be entered on the day, at a penalty fee, but Pavilion won't be accepted on judging day.

PLEASE NOTE : from Saturday 24 December 2016 (Christmas Eve ) until 8am Wednesday, 28 December 2016, the Show office is closed  for all telephone enquiries.

entry form image