It would be remiss of us to not thank the VASA Board for giving us such free publicity and exposure on FB . You cant buy that type of support and attention in this tough time for our Society.

So in light of that,  we write to advise that we are not officially affiliated with VASA at this point in time.   We wish to thank all well-wishers and loyal supporters who have made contact following this decision.   We will no longer be a qualifying event through VASA which will only affect the horse section in the two rings offering saddle horse and riding classes at our Sunday show. 

As EQUESTRIAN VICTORIA members we will continue to run the open saddle horse and riding section rings and all other horse sections are unaffected, including breeds, colours and saddle classes over the two days.

To remain viable we have had to undergo a full review of our expenditure and as a result, during the negotiation process with VASA, we were unable to come to a mutual agreement that we felt was reasonable and affordable to us in our current circumstances. We offered an amount of money to VASA which they did not accept as it did not meet the financial expectations of VASA.

Despite all of that we, as a society fully believe in the concept of a governing body to support and lead the large number of Agricultural Shows across Victoria.

We are disappointed with this final outcome but we plan to continue to run and rebuild our Agricultural Show so that we are able to showcase our true show through the wonderful program that we offer to our Sponsors, Exhibitors and Patrons.