Garden  & Farm Produce

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Supported by Yep Gallery

Prize money (unless otherwise stated) 1st $2.00,  2nd $1.00

Late entries accepted, but NOT on judging days
 Entry fee $1.00 per exhibit. Late entries $2.00 per exhibit
Exhibits and prize money collection from 5.00pm on Show Day.  Prize money not collected on Show Day will be forfeited.

Entry form and fee to;
PO Box 142 Wonthaggi 3995 or “The Wonthaggi Club”
Enquiries 5672 3259

Pavilion is open to the public on Saturday from 9.00 am—4.30 pm
Grown by Exhibitor, trim tops (10cm approx) on root vegetables.  Short stems on all fruits if possible

GARDEN & FARM PRODUCE                                        SECTION P1

1. Collection of home garden and/or farm produce in a box, basket or similar (min. 6 varieties) 1st = $10 2nd = $5
2. Root beet, any variety, Three (3)
3. Potatoes, Four (4)
4. Onions, any variety, Three (3)
5. Lettuce, One (1)
6. Silver beet, Three (3)
7. Peas, any variety, 12 pods
8. Beans, any variety, 12 pods
9. Rhubarb stalks, Six (6)
10. Zucchini, One (1)
11. Ripe Tomatoes, Four (4)
12. Apricots, Four (4)
13. Lemons, Four (4)
14. Hen eggs Standard Six (6) a) White b) Brown
15. Any other fruit not named in the schedule, Four (4)
16. Any other vegetable not named in schedule, One (1)
17.  Fresh herbs (cut), in container (a) Fragrant (b) Savoury

The Margaret Rixon Memorial Perpetual Trophy -Best Exhibit