Best Exhibit & Grand Aggregate Trophies: Gordon Parry Gift Store
Supported by YEPgallery
Prize money (unless otherwise stated) 1st $2 2nd $1

Late entry forms accepted, but NOT on judging days
1. Entry fee $1.00 per exhibit. Late entries $2.00 per exhibit
Entry form and fee to;
PO Box 142 Wonthaggi 3995 or “The Wonthaggi Club”
Enquiries 5672 3259

Pavilion is open to the public on Saturday from 9am—4.30 pm
Exhibits and prize money collection from 5.00pm on Show Day.  Prize money not collected on Show Day will be forfeited

Needlecraft                          Section P6

1. Baby's article,
     (a) handknitted
     (b) crocheted
2. Pair of socks, handknitted
3. Handknitted garment
     (a) adult
     (b) child
4. Handknitted accessory,
     (a) scarf
     (b) beanie/hat
     (c) other
5. Coathanger, knitted/crocheted
6. Tea cosy on teapot,
     (a) handknitted
     (b) crocheted
7. Best unclassified article,
     (a) handknitted
     (b) crocheted
8. Crochet accessory
     (a) scarf
     (b) beanie/hat
     (c) other
9. Rugs crocheted and/or handknitted
     (a) Knee rug (1mX1m max)
     (b) other
10. Bag
     (a) handknitted
     (b) crocheted
11. Piece of weaving, any fibre.
12. One (1) 50gm min. skein, ANY NATURAL fibre eg. wool, silk, alpaca, mohair, cotton, flax, hemp * -may split class if necessary
13. Piece of hand knitting*
14. Piece of hand crocheting*
15. Piece of weaving, any natural fibre *
16. Article made from felt*
    ( a) handmade
    ( b) commercial
*All fibres to be prepared by exhibitor. Please attach samples of fibres & yarns to each entry.


17. Soft toy
     (a) handknitted
     (b) crocheted
18. Best dressed doll
     (a) handknitted
     (b) crocheted
19. (a) A soft toy
     (b) rag doll
     (c) other
20. Home-made bear
     (a) bare bear
     (b) dressed bear
21. Best dressed manufactured doll, sewn clothing
22. Any type of
     (a) clown
     (b) golliwog


23. Cross Stitch, back stitch allowed
24. Counted thread work, other than cross stitch
25. Coat hanger, not knitted or crocheted
26. Machine made article
27. Piece of Canvas work 75 x 50cm max. inc. frame
     (a) coarse (gros point)
     (b) AOV
28. Festive decoration, homemade
29. Cushion
30. Article of embroidery, other than above
31. Best unclassified article
32. Best homemade novelty
33. Bag
34. Wall hanging ready for hanging—rod etc.
35. Article of Needlecraft/Craft made by an exhibitor 75yrs & over
36. Patchwork
     (a) Appliqué
     (b) Any other quilt
     (c) Any other article  (not a quilt)
Class 36 a & b-State overall size
Quilts to be fitted with rod pockets / sleeve for hanging
Supported by Inverloch CWA