Show History


A little bit of our history .......

The core and reason for us to hold this event is all about Excellence ; Exhibition; Education and Entertainment.  

The show is a unique organisation in the Bass Coast Region.  This has been the case for well over 100 years.
We continue to celebrate excellence in Agriculture and have been made custodians of that huge task,  which we gladly embrace.  At the same time we want to entertain and add a diversity that keeps renewing and ever evolving.  This is reflected in our varied program from year to year and our user friendly and affordable Annual Show.

A Brief History of agricultural show societies in the Bass Coast area and our beginnings:- 

There has been an Agricultural Show in our beautiful Bass Coast Area since 1884.  Taking in the war years, one show cancelled because of the flu epidemic and in the year of the Coal mine Disaster,  1937 when many lives lost at 20 Shaft at Dudley on the outskirts of Wonthaggi.   The  Annual Show was staged at Dalyston as an Event to lift peoples’ spirits after such a tragedy.

Our journey from then ‘til now: 
1884 - Grantville & Jeetho Show Society commenced at Grantville:  Bass township also staged a show during this time but not for long

1912 –Relocated & renamed Powlett River District Show Society at their own ground at Dalyston

1938 –Society renamed Dalyston & District Show Society

1974 - Society renamed Bass Valley Show Society:
Ground handed to the Bass Shire Council & Dalyston Football Club

1976 - Bass Valley Show Society moved the Show to Wonthaggi

1980 - Society renamed Wonthaggi & District Agricultural, Horticultural & Pastoral Society

2000 - Society staged the Bass Coast Millennium Agricultural Show

2001 - Society staged the Bass Coast Federation Agricultural Show

2002 - Society staged the Bass Coast Summer Agricultural Show : 
Show named the “Bass Coast Shire Event of the Year”

2006 - Society staged the “GOLD MEDAL SHOW OF CELEBRATION “ to mark over 100 years of agricultural shows in the Bass Coast area

2008 - An interesting year- EI hit in a big way- no horses but lots of fun and entertainment - Even so without our Equine friends it felt like the show had lost its heart-we eagerly awaited 2009 & their return

2009 - With the horse section back we felt complete again and had a bumper show

2010 - Despite warm weather a brilliant day with lots of new things happening including Woodchop carnival

2011 – Fabulous weekend again warm and humid weather: A State championship Woodchop carnival & attendance of some wonderful Ferguson tractors gave us a great time

2012 - SHOW THEME - “Horses to Horsepower” – majestic Clydesdales horses, purring fergie tractors, a beaut Ute show and everything in between. We did our best to show our patrons what a wonderful rural area we live in and how things have changed over time

2013 - SHOW THEME - “Celebrating Australian Farming” – Combined with all of the above we literally ramped up the entertainment and introduced the Whip Industries Stunt bike team & welcome back our African Drumming friends to create & enhance the atmosphere

2014 - An outstanding success – great crowd , happy smiling faces – looking forward to 2015

2015 - Despite the weather bureau writing off our weather as catastrophic we rose above that and produced a hugely successful Event in perfect Show weather

2016 - Our Ruby Show Day – 40 years of showing are noted in the town of Wonthaggi and we are kicking along nicely – there was lots to see and do and we had a great weekend

2017 – A bump in the road - Sadly sometimes extreme weather presents us with a bump in the road but we remain optimistic as it was a great show and we look forward to 2018

2018 - A big and exciting show planned

Life membership is an honour bestowed on individual members whose exceptional, loyal and outstanding service and contribution has provided measurable benefit to the Agricultural Society over an extended period of time.

Life Members

Name Year Awarded (if known) Deceased
Brenda Asquith
L. Birt
Joan Buckleigh +
Phyllis Carr +
Jenny Churchill
Henry Donohue +
Margaret Eskildsen 2018
D. Fitzgerald
D. Fleming
F. Fleming
Joan Hales
Elsie Hope 2018
Estelle Jeremiah
Coral Jones 2001
Keith Jones +
Michael Jones 1999
S. Klun
Elizabeth Lamers 2018
M Loughnan +
Rosemary Loughnan
Wayne Loughnan
Mary Mabin +
Denis McRae
J. McRae +
Terry McRae +
Beryl Mowat
Jack Mowat
Joan Munday
Narelle Munday
William (Bill) Munday
Les Nash +
Anne Oakford
J. Pinkerton +
Joan Buckleigh +
Margaret Rixon +
Cheryl Russell
Joe Stone +