Best Exhibit & Grand Aggregate Trophies: Gordon Parry Gift Store
Supported by YEPgallery
Prize money (unless otherwise stated) 1st $2 2nd $1

Late entry forms accepted, but NOT on judging days
1. Entry fee $1.00 per exhibit. Late entries $2.00 per exhibit
Entry form and fee to;
PO Box 142 Wonthaggi 3995 or “The Wonthaggi Club”
Enquiries 5672 3259

Judged:   Wednesday 10.00am
Trophy for most successful exhibitor
Exhibitors limited to TWO (2) per class, per exhibitor
Prints to be mounted not framed
Size limit 13cm x 18cm
Photos to be mounted on cardboard with surround not more than 5cm width

Name to be placed on the BACK of each photo

Pavilion is open to the public on Saturday from 9am—4.30 pm
Exhibits and prize money collection from 5.00pm on Show Day.  Prize money not collected on Show Day will be forfeited

Wonthaggi Cottages Amateur Photography Exhibition                      Section P8


1. Landscape
2. Person/People
3. Bass Coast Shire Laneways
4. Flower / Floral
5. A building or structure
6. Any other subject , not named in schedule
7.  Ute/s
8.  Panorama - size to be appropriate
9. Novice Class—never to have won a first prize at  show


1. Landscape    
    a. Open
    b. Novice
2. Waterscape
3. Reflections
4. Flower /floral / A bud
5. A child/children
6. Bass Coast Shire Laneways
7. Sunrise / Sunset
     a. Open
     b. Novice
8. Animal/s
9. The Colour is Christmas
10. Circles
11. Fungi
12. Leaves
13. Bird /s
14.  Sport / Action
15. Showtime
16. Beachscape
17. Contemporary (computer manipulated)
18. Insects/s or Spiders/s
19. Up close
20. My favourite image for the year - 2018
21.  Ute/s
22.  Panorama - size to be appropriate
23. Any other subject, not named in schedule
     a. Open
     b. Novice

C.  BLACK AND WHITE – Bass Coast Residents Only

1. Farm shed
2. Sand
3. Mining
4. Family human
5. Family animal
6. Desal
7. Christmas
8. A view

D. COLOUR PHOTOGRAPHY  - Bass Coast Residents only

1. Farm shed
2. Sand
3. Mining
4. Family human
5. Family animal
6. Desal
7. Christmas
8. A view

pre entry forms are required but entry is free
Go to link below for Children's Summer Holiday Show