Rules, Regulations, Society’s Disclaimer and Privacy Statements pertaining to this event can be viewed at the Secretary’s office on the day.

All Show Society rules and regulations must be adhered to.

The Wonthaggi A.P.& H. Society Inc. is committed to providing a safe, healthy and environmentally acceptable showground for all stakeholders.

We shall maintain an effective health & safety program so far as is practicable and endeavour to comply with all statutory and common law requirements.

  • Closing Date

  • Privacy Statement

  • Participants Indemnity and Waiver

  • Cattle Declaration

  • General Show Regulations

  • Entries

  • Safety Regulations for Exhibitors/Competitors

  • Electrical Equipment

Closing dates

Please note – All sections closing dates are in the Exhibitors program- please refer to that booklet or the website.  All exhibitors are required to have a valid entry ticket for admission on Show Days.

Privacy Statement

The Wonthaggi & District A.P.&H. Society Inc (the Society) collects your personal information to administer the Bass Coast Summer Agricultural Show (the Show) and for related purposes, such as promoting the Show, maintaining information about qualification for future events or making claims on any insurance in connection with the Show. Your information may be disclosed to service providers and other organisations who help to administer the Show (including health service providers), indemnity or insurance providers or other Wonthaggi & District A.P.&H. Society bodies or organisations that have similar objective to the Society, including breed associations recognised by the Society. Your information may also be disclosed if required and/or authorised by law.

We may also disclose winners information to the media for the purpose of publishing articles on your participation in the Show.

Participants Indemnity and Waiver

Participation, including passive participation, in events or activities at an agricultural show contains elements of risk, both obvious and inherent. The risks involved may result in property damage and/or personal injury including death. I understand activities at shows contain an element of risk of injury and I agree that I undertake any such risk voluntarily of my own free will and at my own risk. I also understand this document constitutes a contractual waiver pursuant to Section 32N of the Fair Trading Act 1999 (Vic). I acknowledge the risk referred to above and agree to waive any and all rights that I, or any other person claiming through me, may have against the Wonthaggi & District A.P. & H. Society Inc. and nay or all of its office bearers in relation to any loss or injury (including death) that is suffered by me as a result of may participation in this show. I agree to continually indemnify the Wonthaggi & District A.P. & H. Society Inc. and any or all of its office bearers on a full indemnity basis against any claim or proceeding that is made, threatened or commenced and any liability, loss (including consequential loss and loss of profits), damages or expense (including legal costs on a full indemnity basis) that the Wonthaggi & District A.P. & H. Society Inc. And any or all of its office bearers incurs or suffers, as a direct or indirect result of my participation in any event held by the Wonthaggi & District A.P. & H. Society Inc. And any or all of its office bearers.

I have read this Indemnity and Waiver information and acknowledge and agree with its contents and will sign this agreement on my entry form. I have made any further enquiries which I feel are necessary or desirable and fully understand the risks involved in this activity. 



Entry will not be processed unless paperwork is completed and signed

Cattle Declaration

CATTLE EXHIBITORS: please sign on entry form

The EXHIBITOR does solemnly and sincerely declare that:

  1. Johnes disease has not been known, or suspected to, or known to , exist on the property or properties from which each of the animals entered by me in the Bass Coast Agricultural Show was derived, during 5 years immediately prior to the Show, OR for properties under a supervised test and control program

  • a. annual JD herd test was done within 12 months prior to the show

  • b. The animals entered are not from within the high risk group

     2.      I undertake that I will not bring to the show any animals affected or showing any signs of any disease.

I sign the declaration on my entry form, declaring conscientiously that I believe the above to be true.


Entry will not be processed unless paperwork is completed and signed

General Show Regulations

For the purpose of these regulations:

  1. Society shall mean the Wonthaggi and District AP & H Society Inc., or any Officer connected therewith.

  2. Grounds shall mean the Recreation Reserve Show grounds controlled by the Society

  3. Show shall mean exhibition of any exhibit within the grounds of the Society, on those days advertised as being the Days of the Show, of the said Society.


  1. All entries must be in writing, & on the entry forms supplied by the Society & lodged with the Secretary, P.O. Box 142, Wonthaggi, 3995 on or before the advertised closing date. The secretary reserves the right not to accept entries received after this date, or if incorrectly submitted.

  2. Entry fees will be specified in the schedules. The correct entry fee must accompany each entry or the entry may not be accepted. Cheques, money orders or postal notes, should be crossed & made payable to the Wonthaggi Agricultural Show Society Inc.

  3. The Show Society committee shall have the power to reject any entry without being called upon to disclose their reason for so doing.

  4. The lodging of an entry shall bind the exhibitor to the rules & conditions set out herein & the signature of any exhibitor on the Society’s entry form shall be an acceptance of these rules and conditions. Any exhibitor who supplies any incorrect information to any officer of the Society or otherwise misleads the Society, shall render them liable for disqualification for such term as the General Committee may see fit.

  5. Unless otherwise understood, every person exhibiting will retain their yellow copy of their entry form with the exhibit number & class written thereon & such forms must be brought to the Show & produced upon request.

  6. An entrance fee (see rules & conditions) will be made at the gate or pre-purchased with entry forms. All entry tickets must be produced at the gate for entry. Entry on the day can be an adult ticket or a group ticket for 2 adults and 2 children.

  7. Exhibitor’s vehicles will be admitted subject to availability of space. Owners of motor vehicles, trucks, floats etc. are advised that travel to & from the Wonthaggi Recreation Reserve , travelling inside the grounds & parking as directed is at the risk of the owner driver & the Society accepts no responsibility for the vehicles at any time.

Exhibits & Exhibitors

  1. A “Novice Exhibitor”, is one who has not won a 1st Prize at any Agricultural Society Show in the same or similar class.

  2. All produce exhibited must be grown, manufactured & be the bona fide property of the exhibitor, unless specified otherwise.

  3. Any animal with a modifiable or contagious disease will be excluded from the showground’s. The exhibitor MUST disclose this information.

  4. The Society accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage to an exhibit, injury to an exhibitor or the property of an exhibitor or show patron, whilst travelling to, exhibiting at or travelling from a function organised by the Society.

  5. Each exhibitor must enter their exhibit in the proper class (as per the entry from received from the Secretary, stating Section, Class & Exhibit number) in which it has been entered. The stewards reserve the right to move an exhibit which in their opinion is entered in an incorrect class, & enter it in the correct class.

  6. No exhibit will be awarded more than two first prizes, except as a group or pair; this does not apply to special or championship prizes. All pairs or groups must be the property of the owner, bona-fide partners or company.

  7. Animals may be expelled from the showground’s if, in the opinion of the officers of the Society, they are deemed to be causing nuisance or danger to members of the public.

  8. Horse age date, from 1st August.

  9. Beef cattle age date, at date of show.

  10. No judge shall be an exhibitor in the class, section or department in which they are judging.

  11. All horses and cattle exhibited at the Show may be subject to an examination of their mouth by a veterinary surgeon, & should the state of dentition indicate that the animal is too old for the section in which it is entered, the stewards will have the power to disqualify the animal & report the matter to the Committee.

  12. No steward may remain in the ring who is an exhibitor in the class, in which he is acting as steward, under penalty of disqualification for all prizes awarded in that section or class.

  13. All stock exhibits must be on the Showground’s by 9.00am on the day of the Show, & cannot be removed until permission is given by the stewards

  14. No exhibitor or person will be admitted to the exhibition prior to the advertised time of opening under any pretext whatsoever, except those actually engaged in the arrangement of that exhibit.

  15. All exhibits must be placed where directed by the Stewards & must not be removed from their section during the exhibition (except live stock in accordance with regulations).

  16. Any prize or prizes awarded at the Show are to be redeemed on the day of the classes or forfeited.

  17. The Showground’s will be open to exhibitors at 6.00am on both days of the Show, or at those times set down by the General Committee.

  18. No driving or riding of horses about the yards or arenas is allowed until called for judging. Persons in charge of stock are requested to be in readiness in order that judges & stewards are not delayed in their work.

  19. Stallions are not permitted to enter in any other sections other than those provided for, unless stated otherwise in the schedule.

  20. Hard hats / Helmets with safety Harness (meeting recognised Safety Standards) must be worn at all times while mounted on horse or pony on Showgrounds including car park etc

  21. The Committee shall, without assigning a reason;

  • (a) Cancel a class or event

  • (b) Alter the judging time of an event.


  1. All disputes shall be determined by a disputes Committee, consisting of President, Vice President & immediate past President together with the supervisor of the section concerned, who shall have power to disqualify any exhibitor from the Section or class for the period of the show in which the dispute shall arise.

  2. The Dispute Committee shall report on all such disputes & the action taken, to the General Committee of the Society, who shall have the power to impose such penalty or disqualification for such term as they see fit.

  3. Any protest against a judge’s decision must be made in writing within one hour of the making of an award by the judge whose decision is being disputed & such writing shall be handed to the Secretary accompanied by a deposit of $100.00 which shall be forfeited if the appeal is considered to be frivolous.

  4. The decisions of the Disputes Committee shall be final, provided always that an exhibitor may appeal to the General Committee upon lodgement of a further deposit of $100.00 to be forfeited if the Committee considers such appeal to be frivolous.

  5. In the construing or interpretation of these rules or anything arising there from, the Disputes Committee shall be the determining body.


  1. The judges may award a 2nd or 3rd prize instead of 1st prize, or may withhold a prize altogether where there is only one exhibit, or where the exhibits are not considered worthy.

  2. Prize cards where awarded will be printed & attached to the successful exhibits as follows:

  3. 1st Prize: Blue Card : 2nd Prize: Red Card :3rd Prize: White Card (Poultry only)

  4. ‘Highly Commended’ at the judge’s discretion.

  5. The judge’s decision shall be final & no appeal shall lie

  6. One or more of the Committee or a steward appointed by the Committee will attend the judges in each section. It will be their duty to see that no obstruction is offered the judges & that the space allotted to any section is not encroached upon. They will communicate with the Disputes Committee and ticket the winning exhibit.


  1. The right to hold sideshows or amusements remains the Society’s property & shall be let to approved persons upon application in writing & upon such terms & conditions as the Society shall deem fit. No such sideshow or amusement shall be admitted to the Showgrounds without the written permission of the Secretary.

  2. Gambling is strictly prohibited within the Show grounds & any person found offending in this regard shall be removed forthwith & given in charge of the police.

  3. Selling of raffle tickets & or seeking donations by any person is not permitted unless written permission from the Society Secretary is granted.

  4. Any person jumping fences or disturbing exhibits or interfering with exhibits will be prosecuted & removed from the grounds.

  5. The public will be admitted to the showground on payment of the fee determined from time to time by the Committee.

  6. All competitors compete at their own risk.

  7. Entry forms & other information are available on application.

  8. Exhibitors, whilst at the Show, work within the Occupational Health and Safety legislation of the State of Victoria.

  9. All exhibitors and competitors are required to have a valid entry ticket for admission on Show day / s

"Smoke-free outdoor dining areas

From 1 August 2017, the Tobacco Amendment Act 2016 will amend the Tobacco Act 1987 to ban smoking at all outdoor dining areas when food is available for consumption. This will include:

  • premises such as restaurants, cafés, take-away shops and licenced premises, including courtyard dining areas and footpath dining and under cover marquees, grandstands and veranda’s

  • food fairs

  • other organised outdoor events, including community or street festivals."


All enquiries and correspondence should be addressed to:
The Secretary
Wonthaggi and District A.P. & H. Society Inc
P.O. Box 142,
Telephone: 03 5672 3259 Email

Veterinary Services

  1. Exhibitors who exhibit large animals are advised that whilst the local veterinary service is informed about the Show and the date/s it will be held, their presence cannot be guaranteed on the ground at all times.

  2. The purpose of a vet’s presence is to administer first aid or on the spot advice when a problem occurs. Should the Exhibitor's animal require further veterinary treatment, then the cost of such treatment must be met by the owner of the exhibit.

Safety Regulations for Exhibitors/Competitors

  1. DUTY OF CARE -all competitors have a “Duty of Care” to avoid exposing themselves or other people to unsafe situations that could lead to injury. The “Duty of Care” extends to the prevention of damage to property.|

  2. DIRECTION OF the Wonthaggi and District AP & H Society Inc -competitors must comply with any reasonable request of Wonthaggi and District AP & H Society Inc representatives.

  3. EMERGENCY INFORMATION-emergency Information and maps showing Emergency Assembly Points are located in the various animal pavilions and buildings. Competitors should be familiar with these plans.

  4. FIRST AID -during the Wonthaggi and District AP & H Society Inc, Wonthaggi and District AP & H Society Inc provides First Aid services.

  5. EMERGENCY FACILITIES- fire fighting or other emergency equipment must not be removed or used for any other purpose. Missing or unserviceable equipment should be reported to Administration immediately.

  6. HAZARD & INCIDENT REPORTING -competitors must notify the Area/Pavilion Supervisor or Administration immediately if any hazards are detected or incidents occur. Hazards or incidents are any situation that could result or has resulted in

  • a. The injury, illness or death of any person

  • b. The injury, illness or death of any animal

  • c. The damage, destruction or loss of property.

  • d. Fire

  • e. Other

    7.      WASTE DISPOSAL- all waste, including liquids, must be disposed of responsibly.   Storm drains must not be used for the disposal of waste.
    8.      HOUSEKEEPING -all areas must be kept in clean and tidy order with clearly defined and available access and exit routes at all times.   Build up of combustible waste must be avoided.
    9.      SLIPS, TRIPS & FALLS -care must be taken to minimize trip hazards and obstacles that people may walk into.  Avoid laying unprotected cables or pipes on or above paths, walkways or roads.
    10.    MEDIA COMMENTS -media comment about matters involving Wonthaggi and District AP & H Society Inc or the Showgrounds is co-ordinated by the Administrator (Secretary).
     11.    SMOKING -smoking is not permitted inside buildings, within 10 meters of a building entrance, around combustibles, during public performances or while handling hazardous materials.

Electrical Equipment

1.      Competitors should supply their own Residual Circuit Device (RCD) “Safety Switch” for installation at each power outlet they use.
2.      Extension cords must be earthed and all electrical appliances must be earthed or double-insulated. Appliances must be in a sound working order.
3.      All electrical leads and temporary electrical equipment should be tagged and tested.
4.      The use of double adapters is strictly prohibited.   Power boards must be fitted with current overload protection.
5.      Radiant electric or gas heaters are prohibited.
6.      Light sockets must not be used for any other purpose than for lighting.
7.      No naked flame permitted.

Conditions of Entry - Horse Section

  • That horses are fit, in good health and competent to participate in their elected events.

  • All riders must wear approved safety helmets to the current Australian, European or American Standard, whilst competing and exercising. No other head gear will be permitted. The retaining harness must be secured and fastened at all times

  • Horses with a history of bad behaviour which may compromise the welfare of themselves, other horses and riders should not be presented for competition.

  • In the event that your horse is upsetting others in the warm up / marshalling areas you will be required to leave the general area and if the horse is upsetting the majority, an official may request that the horse is removed immediately for safety’s sake

  • Also professional courtesy at horse riding competitions for horses with a history of kicking is for the horse to wear a red ribbon in the tails. This allows other competitors to make their own decision to give the horse a wide berth.

Poultry Rules

  • No exhibit to be handled by the owner, agent or any unauthorized persons once judging has commenced.

  • The society will not be responsible for any mistakes, accidents, a loss or damage from any cause, though greatest care will be taken.

  • A junior shall be up to and including sixteen years of age on the day of the show.

  • A junior cannot exhibit the same breed as a senior exhibitor from the same address.

  • A junior exhibitor can compete in open class if they pay open entry fees but they cannot compete in both junior and open classes.

  • Any birds suffering from contagious diseases will not be accepted for exhibition and all entry fees will be forfeited.

  • Any person found guilty of causing annoyance by making comments on the judge’s decision, or insulting or unseemly behaviour shall be liable for expulsion from the show and the birds will be disqualified and all prize money forfeited.

  • Any queries, concerns or disputes should be addressed to the Head Poultry Steward as soon as possible.

Please also see back of entry form